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We are a technology consultancy which concentrates on emerging innovation, experiences and culture to solve complex challenges and fuel lasting value. 

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How can we identify new technologies and leverage them to help organisations grow and thrive in the digital age?

We are facing a seismic transition in how humans interact with our world. Digital is no longer a thing to do but an intrinsic part of the way we live our lives. 

Digital has gone beyond shaping our daily interactions to displacing entire supply chains, creating new business models, and demanding never-seen-before ways of working. It means every business needs to take action. 

For most, however, these concepts feel quite distant from today’s reality where many plants have yet to fully adopt the automation technologies of Industry 3.0.

Adrian Jennings
Vice President of Manufacturing Strategy at Ubisense

Change happens faster than business adapt

With new digital players growing ahead, no wonder many businesses are feeling the pressure.

What’s more, with finances being stretched from every direction, the rewards have to be worth it.

Today's challenge

Wat zijn de voordelen?

The Challenge

A new approach to consulting

Our value proposition

For many of our partners, the destination is clear, but getting there’s trickier.

That’s exactly where we step in. We partner with you to co-create solutions that harness the full power of emergent technologies, so you can strengthen your current business, and build one for the future—all at the same time. 

Our approach is agile, iterative and leverages the cutting-edge capabilities of our teams and partners. 

The platforms

Every challenge is unique.

We have crafted three platforms that unite the people, skill, knowledge, processes, technologies and support services you need to win in the digital age.

Together, We will transform your approach with the right strategy for rapid responses today, shape the journey to the future, and set tomorrow’s standard.



Modernise your technologies, optimise your operations and harness the power of analytics and big data.

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Fuel innovation and accelerate transformation by embracing experience design, customer journeys, and marketing-technology solutions.

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Improve your efficiency, agility, capabilities, and culture with a dynamic digital transformation.

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What is your goal today?

Wat zijn de voordelen?


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Our mission is to provide distinctive, durable and effective platforms for transforming the way businesses think about and solve critical challenges.


Launch a new product

We empower our partners to create lasting change. From the first whiteboard sketch to long-term support, we ideate, build and deliver. Fast.

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Solve a complex challenge

Our partners rely on us to achieve the impossible. The culture, process, and talent we have enables us to drive exceptional results. Together.

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Improve an experience

We combine design, strategy and innovation expertise to create the extraordinary products, services and experiences that will propel your growth.

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Build a strategy and culture

We help transform with a focus on creating real value through digital reinvention.

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