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A new look for cybersecurity

A welcoming experience for privacy enthusiasts.

Bitwarden needed a new digital home, one that emphasised a shift to a more engaging tone and commitment to its cause

— free security for all



Redesign the Bitwarden AppStores to present a more modern and engaging brand.

Displays that present the value proposition through a simple, intuitive message.

More than 100,000 people have come to the various Bitwarden AppStores to tap into its password security tools. Bitwarden wanted to create beautiful AppStores that would make the process of discovering and downloading Bitwarden easy and intuitive, one that prioritised it's unique value proposition.

A much needed update

Bitwarden had outgrown its existing design language and needed an overhaul. The objective was to design something that would simplify the value proposition, answer common questions, and, in the process, serve as a digital shop window—an up-to-date, reliable resource that makes choosing a password manager hassle-free.

View the live project

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Challenge. Accepted.

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